10 Fear of Flying Tips

10 Fear of Flying Tips

The fear of flying - 10 tips

People might always have the ability to pass stressful and fearful flight conditions but they could possibly suffer from fear of flying emotions. It becomes more common especially when take-off approaches. Wide eyes, profuse sweating, rocking emotions as well as clenched fists are among the common symptoms of people who have fear of flying.

Fear of Flying TipsSince air travel is one of the fastest and the most convenient mode of transportation, huge numbers of people are choosing such type of transportation to immediately reach their destination. But, not all people today are brave enough to ride on an airplane hence here are the 10 fear of flying tips you need to always follow in order to overcome and escape from the fear of flying and these are the following:

  1. Do not conceal it. You should always spare time and effort to tell the gate agent that you have check-in the airport, your flight attendant for boarding purposes and the passengers around you. You need not be embarrassed with these activities since you need to have safe support from them.
  2. Treat air turbulence similar to bumps along the road. Refrain to feel tense emotions instead allow your body to completely and safely sway with the movements of the aircraft.
  3. During the check-in, you need to ask for a specific seat in the front part of the cabin if possible. This is due to the fact that turbulence is great at the back portion of the aircraft. If you really have fear of flying you need to have short flights and prevent getting long flight as possible.
  4. Be distracted. Do certain things that will keep your mind busy and occupied. This is to prevent dwelling from morbid and fearful possibilities.
  5. There are also different classes for people who are afraid to fly. In some instances, the final test is always an actual flight in an airplane. Although this course is expensive, you are given the chance to fight for your fears.
  6. You need to prevent drinking coffee or even caffeine products since this will exacerbate immediately your anxiety. Drink water to prevent dehydration at the same time calm all your nerves.
  7. Listen to calming and very peaceful music while enjoying your flight. Your mind will probably wander when it hears different types of sounds.
  8. Make use of a rubber band technique. All you have to do is wear a rubber band on your wrist and if you are already feeling agitated, immediately snap it against your skin. Apparently, you will feel the pain but it can greatly help in preventing turbulence issues to arise.
  9. Avoid listening to unnecessary details. When an air disaster occurs, you need to avoid dealing with graphic details along with some other overplay in the news. It is very essential to be informed but you need to acquire the exact details and not too much about it.
  10. Breathe deeply and be calm all the time. Don’t panic since the pilots, as well as the flight attendants, are always equipped with the right skills and knowledge on how to deal with unexpected situations in a flight.

With the help of this fear of flying tips, you are assured that fear of flying can be prevented. Hence, when planning for your flight, spare time and effort to remember and follow these tips for a comfortable and safe journey you always desire for.

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8 years ago

Great Tips, really enjoyed this article.
Actually I subscribed to one of your courses, as i really have to get rid of this fear of flying.

Thanks again, great tips

Chloe Donaldson
Chloe Donaldson
4 years ago

This is one of the most significant fear of flying tips for me. I’m glad reading this article. Thank you for sharing!