Fear of Flying Symptoms and Causes

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Fear of flying is a common fear of the people of being on a plane or even in helicopter while in a flight. It is also referred to as flight phobia, flying phobia or even aerophobia and aviophobia. Fear of flying is considered to be a distinct type of flying phobia that can be indirectly combined with other disorders of phobias. It is a symptom and not a disease that provides different causes in people’s life.

Fear of Flying Symptoms and CausesThis flying phobia receives huge attention compared to other phobias because travelling in the air is very difficult for people to avoid especially when it comes to professional context. This is also due to the fact that majority of the people nowadays choose to travel in the air for fast and convenient trips. Inability to keep emotional control may prevent an individual from having their vacations, work and business related business purpose and many others with the use of air transportation.

An Overview with Fear of Flying Symptoms

Anticipatory anxiety that is not controlled can always prevent people from planning to have their trip by air. This can create great distress especially to those who are really afraid to ride on an airplane particularly when compelled to have their travel in the air. One of the most extreme and serious manifestations or symptoms with this type of fear includes vomiting and panic attacks that are commonly seen to those people who are really afraid with airplane travel.

Fear of Flying Causes

Fear of flying is primarily caused by other phobias and fears that people are experiencing and these include:

  • One of the primary causes of flying phobia is the fear of crashing that will result to death.
  • Fear of heights or acrophobia.
  • You always felt that you are not being in control.
  • Fear in closed space like the aircraft cabin or claustrophobia.
  • Fear to have panic attacks in certain locations where escaping could be very difficult and embarrassing.
  • Fear of vomiting wherein a person always feels afraid that they will have their motion sickness every time they opt to have their flight. This is usually common to those people who don’t have control over their emotions especially their fears.
  • Fear of terrorism and hijacking.

Some of the precipitating cause of flying phobia also includes awareness of your personal vulnerability, traumatic flight experience, near fatal flights, death of love one in a plane, increase responsibilities especially to the parents.

Others are saying the media serves as major factor that can also cause flying phobia. This is due to the fact that there are instances wherein news in the television and the radios are too much from the real story of the plane crash which increases fears of all the people. Misunderstanding with airplane safety can immediately cause anxiety hence you need to be very careful in dealing with all the principles of the aerodynamics in order to feel safe and comfortable with your airplane flight.

Knowing in advanced fear of flying symptoms and flying phobia causes is an essential way to fight for your fears. This is the reason why you need to spare time and effort the best feeling and emotions when planning to have your flight. Airplane accidents always comes out unexpectedly, but you are assured that you can always be at your safest condition if you are going to be calm and be ready with the things you need to do with such situation.

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Anuradha prasad

Recently I cancelled a flight and avoided going on a long trip …which made me think I have this phobia. Yes this phobia is definitely connected to claustrophobia. Thanks will work on it.

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Jennifer ivansky

Very interesting article that cover all about the flying phobia symptoms and causes,

Nadine Gur

Yesterday I did my first flight after 4 years since I stop flying. anyway I think that the most effective treatment for me was reading and knowing more & more about flights and statistic

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really explains everything about aviophobia symptoms in detail
reading it was very interesting and effective
Thank you and keep up your good job

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Zoe Wishmonger

I know its very unusual that a plane will crash, but what if it does?
I’m not afraid of flying, I just afraid of death…

Hector Blackman

My Fear start since a flight I made several years ago,
the plane landed in a storm, so much turbulence.
Since than I’m thinking twise before I planning any vacation 🙁

Andy Williams

The airlines are the most common reason of fear of flying these days.

Ernest Ron

This post was very useful. I will refer to it before of my next flight. Thank you for your kindly words

Mirela tockstone

Great post! Very useful! Congrats.

Wayne Warfel

My flying phobia started 8 years ago. I have flown a lot until few years ago I stopped to do it. when I think about flights I get nervous and down. I have done all my research on flying saftey, but still can’t get on a plane. I’m trying to keep reading and researching all about it and hope to get a result in the future. anyway thanks for this useful post.

David Raynolds

Nice post. I was terrified to fly until I got into a great program by british airways. very recommended program!!

Nicolas Netty

I have a flight in a few days and this tips really helped me calm down a bit. Thanks a lot.

Amy Jones

Thank you for sharing. I don’t have a fear of flying but my daughter does. I’ll pass this on to her.

Lauren Sitnobe

I love travelling and when I was young I loved to getting on a plane too. somehow over the years I started to get a flying phobia that seems to be grown. For my opinion the best way to handle it is by reading and develop my aviation knowledge, this makes me more confidence. thanks for this post.

Steven Anderson

Thank you very much for your post, it’s being really helpful to calm my anxiety

Amber Jordan

I hope I can overcome this fears and be safe.

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Marilyn Tralo

Those are really good tips.
Something to consider before the next flight.
additional tip I got and tried lately:
Noise canceling headphones reduced my anxiety significantly

Carmen Silvago

Always love your articles,
Your explanations are very easy to understand! Thank you for all your wisdom and sharing!

Peter Rabi

I know one thing that really helps me when I’m anxious is “changing the focus of my attention”, so I try to keep myself as distracted as possible now on take-off and mid-flight if I’m feeling claustrophobic, by immediately diving into a magazine, book, music, and/or movie.

Dan Brazner

Hi there, just came across your posts, really like your works!

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