How to Overcome Fear of Flying?

How to Overcome Fear of FlyingAviophobia is the fear of flying and it is commonly known as flying phobia. Scientifically, flying phobia is a combination of different phobias such as the claustrophobia and acrophobia. Although, people can experience panic attack every time they are on a plane or any other flying vehicle, flying phobia cannot be consider as a disease rather it is a symptoms since individuals may experience it differently and with a different cause.

Fear of flying affect the minority of the population since travelling through air is very common and it is difficult to avoid particularly those people who are in a professional contexts or their work has something to do with travelling. Individuals who has flying phobia has the inability to retain their emotional control thus, travelling using flying vehicle can be difficult. However, if you want to know how to overcome fear of flying, there are different ways and techniques on how to do so. Overcoming your fear can be a long and a bumpy road however; if you don’t want it to affect your life in a negative way then you need to do something about it.

The fear of flying - how to ovecome

How to Overcome Fear of Flying Tips

Since the minority of the population is affected with these symptoms then you need to know on how to prevent or avoid this from affecting your life. Accepting the fact that you are afraid of flying will help you to overcome your fear and through relaxation methods as well as taking prescribed medications then you can stop your fear of flying and you will have the chance to explore the world using different flying vehicles. Here are some tips on how to overcome fear of flying;

  • How to Overcome Fear of Flying Be educatedBe educated – If you want to learn how to overcome fear of flying then you need to have adequate knowledge about flying, if you have information about how flying works and what to expect then, there is a big possibilities that you will more comfortable during your flight. You can do a research and remember that, there is 0.00001% chances that you will die because of a plane crush since there are a lot of accident happens on land than air.
  • How to Overcome Fear of Flying Control your anxietyControl your anxiety or nervousness – Since you have a higher anxiety level than those who are not afraid of flying, then you need to learn on how to manage or control your anxiety. You can do relaxation techniques such as yoga, meditation, exercising and a lot more. Practicing your mind to stop worrying will help to slow down your anxiety levels and this will also help to manage your thoughts. You also need to avoid food that makes your anxiety level higher such as caffeine. Take your prescribed medication and enrol to a class that can help you to overcome your fear of flying.
  • How to Overcome Fear of Flying Be preparedBe prepared – One way on how to overcome fear of flying is to be prepared. Make sure that you pick your trip wisely, arrive early and know who is your pilot and attendant. As much as possible avoid drinking alcohol particularly if you are taking medications and find a way on how to manage your anxiety such as diversions and face your fear and fly frequently.

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Cynthia Wheeler

I live in Jacksonville Florida and I’m very interested in finding a class that would teach technique’s on overcoming the fear of flying I would be very appreciative if you can direct me to classes concerning this matter.