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The SOAR Fear of flying Courses

Flying across the horizon never fails to create an exciting feeling for many adventurous people. Why not, this gives an out-of-this-world thrill and somehow a sense of freedom. Unfortunately, not all people love the idea. There are also some who find flying adventure fearsome. It can be understood because there are indeed people who have fear of heights. Good thing SOAR is here to help anyone conquer this fear. If you want to gain helpful insights about this group, you are in the right place. Check this out and see how you will overcome your flying phobia by the great SOAR fear of flying courses.


SOAR fear of flying courses


here are the features of SOAR Fear of Flying courses

  • DVDs
  • Downloads
  • Online viewing
  • Counselling
  • Actual flight (Take Me Along)

All these features blend perfectly to come up with a stress-free and satisfying flight. It is such an amazing offering because the program includes viewing eleven DVDs. In this way, a customer will have a sneak preview of the experience. Consequently, a 2-hour counseling session follows to address someone’s fear of flying. You will absolutely feel like a VIP because Capt. Tom Bunn (licensed therapist and the founder) will actually be the one to do it with you. And what’s best with this program is that it allows the customer to have a refund (full) in the event that he/she is not satisfied with his improvement in the flight.


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Expert care
You will never find a group as trustworthy as them. Capt. Bunn himself is a very qualified professional not only as a flying buddy but also as a therapist. Here, all that needs to be done to lead you to a safe and memorable flight is always given top priority. Not only this, the entire staffs are well-versed in the things necessary for your successful adventure.

Rapid and complete relief
No matter how extensive the preparation for flying is, there are still times when a person gets nervous. Well, this may be a human factor indeed. However, SOAR assures that you will be fully ready for action before any flight. Their team has formulated special programs that help a customer ease his fear in the shortest possible time. This is great because even if the flying adventure is the next day already, it will still never late to improve how you feel. So, you are sure to be ever-ready for the action.

Full Refund
Perhaps, never in your mind that this kind of institution will provide a money-back deal after all that it has given you. Yes. You heard it right! After all their diligent efforts to give you the best flying experience and you are still dissatisfied with the result, you have the opportunity to get your money back, not just part of it but even your full payment.



It is very difficult to find for any negative insight for their program. If there is any, it is maybe the unreached satisfaction of some customers. However, this is a wishful thinking especially that there are no dissatisfied customers with them so far.

SOAR proved itself at par with the world leaders that offer similar program.

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