How to Overcome Fear of Flying by hypnosis [hypnosisdownloads]

How to Overcome Fear of Flying by hypnosis [hypnosisdownloads]

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Author: Roger Elliott

Aviophobia, the Fear of flying, is a comparatively common phobia. Every third person is afraid of flying to some extent. One in six cannot fly due to fear of flying. Twenty-seven is the average age at which the fear of flying develops. Preemptive fear of flying is often worse than feeling during the trip.



What causes aviophobia?

  • One of the major factors that add to the increased fear of the plane is the extensive coverage of crashes in the media. Viewing crash pictures on television or in a newspaper can affect everyone’s vision of air traffic safety without taking into account actual risks.
  • Airport security measures, such as long queues, body searches, and X-ray scans, can be of concern to some people.
  • Sometimes, fear is just the result of a bad experience in the past, such as flying with strong air disturbances.

Symptoms of flying phobia

Whatever the cause of fear, people may experience the following physical symptoms before and during the flight:

  • Heart throbbing
  • breathing difficulties
  • nausea
  • sweating
  • Dizziness
  • shaking
  • foggy mind
  • Irritability

For some, even the idea of planning future air travel can lead to these symptoms. This can limit your leisure time and is a problem for those who travel to work. Because of the different causes of fear of flying, specific treatment options are needed to address the concern.


Overcome your Fear of Flying by hypnosisdownloads

Overcoming fear of flying is an audible hypnosis session that utilizes an effective procedure to eliminate the anxiety quickly related to being in a plane.

Their hypnosis scripts are written keeping a hypnotherapist in mind. Accurate language techniques, precise steps, intelligent metaphors, and crafty analogies form a hypnosis script that gives you.

Each script contains a pre-hypnotic cat that is often loaded with treatments and therapeutic suggestions followed by the same therapeutic script. The texts were edited professionally and provided with suggestions on priorities, time and rhythm. An example of the following script pages can be found. All texts are created in Adobe Acrobat (PDF) format and can be printed easily.

Each hypnosis session is designed by their team of 4 experienced hypnotherapists, so you get the best hypnosis available. With more than 24, 000 qualified employees and more than 600, 000 listeners, they are the largest providers of hypnosis in the world.

However, they realize that these downloads do not work for everyone. If you find that this does not suit you, they will refund the full amount if you inform them within 90 days.

If you relax and hear the download several times, you’ll notice the following:

  • You will quit thinking about the aircraft as a threat
  • You will feel deeply relaxed
  • You will no longer worry about traveling on the plane
  • You will no longer feel trapped in fear when on board an aircraft
  • You will start looking forward to traveling by plane.

In hypnotherapy, it is worth noting that this is not always the solution. This means that hypnotherapy does not always work the way you want. Some people are more likely to succeed with hypnotherapy than others. However, it is often helpful to try to find a solution to a real problem.

Another problem that can be considered a defect in hypnosis is that some people start to like them very much. They like the feeling of calmness or ultimately handing themselves over to someone and become dependent on hypnosis. Hypnosis should be used as a tool and not as a means of escaping reality.



Flight fear can be overcome with appropriate tools and assistance. Do not let anxiety stop you from spending an unforgettable holiday abroad, enjoying your time with your family abroad or taking advantage of the opportunities available to you. Believe you can do it!

Download Overcome Fear of Flying by hypnosis (hypnosisdownloads) and eradicate your fear of flying. You can listen to it from your computer, their free application or your device, which can be accessed once you complete the purchase.

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