How Safe is flying?

How Safe is flying?

How safe is flying | airplane safetyAirplane safety is one of the major concerns of people who deals with fear of flying phobia. If you are going to decide that flying is a really dangerous activity, then your fear and worries about doing such type of activity cannot be easily removed. Worrying about your safety when flying is a common feeling of people who are not equipped with the right knowledge and skills about flying have. This is also due to the alarming plane crash statistics that are usually reported on radios and televisions which opt to emphasized the immense number of people who were part of the plane crash.

How safe is flying – a common question of those who have not yet tried this activity due to the fear of flying phobia? Well, there are certain facts that you need to always remember in order to obtain the idea that airplane safety is always evident.


The fear of flying - how safe

So how safe is flying?

  • Pilots are professional and skilled. They really spare time and effort to give their passenger comfortable, safe and the smoothest flight without turbulence because they know what their responsibilities are.
  • Airlines are not teaching the pilots to fly. Pilots who should have their licensed before an airline company will hire them. They should already finished a degree, with excellent health, perfect vision from 20/20 and can accumulate more than 3,000 hours of time for flying activities.
  • All airplanes can fly safely in the air even if one of the engines fails. If the airplane has two engines, and one engine unexpectedly went out, your aircraft can still fly with one engine. This is similar to airplanes with three engines since they could also fly with two engines.
  • Airplanes are well built and assess at its highest safety before it is allowed to fly in the air. This is a great manifestation that all the systems, engines and parts of the airplane are being inspected and assessed to assure that it is always in good condition.
  • Enough amount of fuel and detailed warning signs. You need not to be bothered anymore with the amount of fuel in the airplane you are riding since it is enough to reach your destination. Apart from that there are also warning signs that are given to the pilot if the weather is not too good to pursue your flying trips or there are ground proximity warnings.
  • Commercial airplanes make use of x-ray scanner. X-ray scanners as well as image processing software are used by airlines to scan and check all the baggage’s of the passenger to determine if there are explosives in it.
  • Pilots are completely trained on how to make use of weather radar at the same time interpret it. This is very essential since they can easily determine if they are safe for flying or not. With the interpretation that they are going to give, their passengers will feel confident with their safety while riding on the plane.


Airplane safetyThese are just some of the essential facts you need to always remember every time you keep on asking yourself how safe is flying. Airplane safety is very important in order to protect and secure your life from unexpected accidents that might happen hence as early as now you need to be equipped with the right skills and knowledge about airplane flying trips. Even if there are huge numbers of plane crash statistics that are continuously alarming you need not to be afraid anymore. All you have to do is be alert and ready with all the things that might happen while you are riding on an airplane.

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Ejike Marshal
Ejike Marshal
6 years ago

You made a lot of good points in this post. This article will become useful to people that are only scared of line.
I know some people that are scared that the plane will split into two mid air while there are those that are scared of terrorist attack.
Since after 9/11 there are people that have phobia of flying because they are scared of being in the same situation as those that were casualties of that terrorist attack.
But what they don’t understand is that times have changed; it takes more than just a few people now or one field engine for a plane to crash.
I have a few friends that feel this way and they will definitely be getting a link to this article.

Lilia Robberts
Lilia Robberts
6 years ago

Thanks For your great & useful article

5 years ago

Well, your safety in the flight is also going to depend on the experience of the pilot. As mentioned, pilots before they get hired should get a license so it’s not a big fuss to worry about. I think flying now is much safer compared to the older times, you know, the boom of technology and all that. I hope those who are still afraid to fly get to read this article so they would be better informed.