Master Fear of Flying – Now!

The Master Fear of Flying program is an Apple iOS app developed by two leading clinical psychologists- Chris Edwards & Brian Tuckfield.This app give you the option to get unlimited personalized treatments for your specific phobias using a proven psychological methods.

After Many years of a clinical practice and anxieties research, Chris & Brian decided to develop the Master Fear of Flying program. Backed by the latest research and decades of clinical case studies, Master Fear of Flying has been created to give you access to unlimited psychological treatment for the flying phobia. It’s like having an experienced psychologist on call, whenever you need them most. For a fraction of the cost.

Master Fear of Flying - Now! 2

Master Fear of Flying - Now! 3

How Master Fear of Flying – Now! will help your overcome your flying phobia:

  • The Master Fear of Flying program has been developed by two leading clinical psychologists specialized in treating anxiety
  • In app treatment is based on scientifically proven Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
  • Unique Immersive Technology lets you confront your fears safely and overcome them comfortably using the app
  • A fully interactive and personalized program that treats you for your specific fears
  • Receive unlimited treatment for a fraction of the cost of seeing a therapist
  • The convenience and flexibility of mobile apps on your iPhone, iPad or iPod
  • Manage your fear anywhere (weeks before your flight at home, in the car on the way to the airport, at the departure gate, in the air and more)
  • A Personal Recovery Plan that helps you understand how your fear is created and your road to recovery
  • Get your maintenance plan to ensure your changes stick for the long-term
  • Overcome your fears and enjoy the freedom to fly!

iOS 9.1 and up
Get it on App Store



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