Turbcast is a unique fear of flying app that is quite different than others. By providing the specific departing and arrival airport, you will be given a complete turbulence forecast together with your flight route, as the app regularly updates itself live. By knowing a turbulence ahead of time, you will be able to prepare yourself psychologically for any negative weather encountered.

Whether you want to call it bumps or air pockets, this popular app will definitely unlock the mystery about flight turbulence. It is specifically designed for any person who experiences fears of flying. Turbcast is certainly one of the leading fear of flying apps in the market.

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Just imagine the Turbcast app as having your own private airline pilot escort you on your next flight. With this incredible app, there is finally a way of knowing in advance whether or not your flight will go smoothly. Wouldn’t you be much calmer if you knew that the only turbulence you’ll experience in your next flight will take place in the first 5 minutes after taking off? By knowing exactly what to expect, it will help you prepare mentally for the turbulence. Likewise, if the flight is forecast to go through smooth skies, then it will provide you great relief as well. At the end of the day, it is the lack of understanding and control of turbulence that give many travelers high anxiety. This app will finally take care of that problem!

iOS 8.0 and up
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