Conquer Your Flying Phobia With the Top Fear of Flying Apps

Conquer Your Flying Phobia With the Top Fear of Flying Apps

Many individuals fights with the fear of airplane travel. For those who have to battle this seemingly endless phobia of getting on an aircraft, ignoring all air travel may not be a real option these days. Most people must travel for family gatherings or business meetings. Yet, for people who suffer from fear of flying, getting on an airplane may feel like doomsday. If you experience anxiety when flying, you’re not just putting yourself through a whole lot of stress, but you’re also suffering socially, as this can become quite an embarrassing situation.

Fear of Flying apps


However, people who currently struggle with the fear of flying will be very glad to learn that they may possess a potentially new resource right from their smartphones. Both Android and iOS devices have apps that are available which help users manage and process their fears and concerns of flying. If the single thought of boarding a plane delivers a shiver way down your spine, then you probably want to give one of these 6 apps a try!


Fear of Flying Hypnosis

This is an app that makes use of hypnotherapy techniques and methods in order to relieve and possibly cure one’s fear of flying…

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Fear of Flying Pro

The Fear of Flying Pro app has helped millions of people to overcome their fear of flying, gives them the ability and confidence to fly.

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Flight without Fear

The primary aim of this app, which has been designed by Captain Miki Katz, is to make sure all users have a safe flight via audio relaxation methods…

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Master Fear of Flying – Now!

The Master Fear of Flying program is an Apple iOS app developed by two leading clinical psychologists- Chris Edwards & Brian Tuckfield…

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Overcome The Fear of Flying by Glenn Harrold

Overcome The Fear of Flying app by Glenn Harrold is a hypnosis relaxation app. The author has sold millions of CDs, MP3 downloads and Apps…

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SOAR Mobile app

The life-disturbing fear of flying is quite common, and much of that fear arrives from an unknown source. The SOAR app on Android and iOS…

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Takeoff Mode [App No Longer Available]

The ‘ANA Takeoff Mode‘ is truly unique because of its measurement of the frequency and amplitude response to the ambient sounds present…

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Turbcast is a unique fear of flying app that is quite different than others. By providing the specific departing and arrival airport…

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Valk is described as your personal “in-flight therapist” developed by the VALK Foundations. It features everything you would want in an app…

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ZeroPhobia – Fear of Flying

In this article, we shall discuss overcoming fear of flying with a ZeroPhobia – Fear of Flying app. an expertly designed app that provides various methodologies and therapeutic techniques to explore the world freely.

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Fear of Flying Apps that Get Rid of Your Fears!

At the end of the day, there’s no doubting the fact that the fear of flying exists amongst many and is highly disturbing. It can cause individuals who suffer from flight fears to elevate anxiety levels and go through a mental breakdown. The fact of the matter is that in today’s lifestyle, it is practically impossible to avoid air travel altogether, which means that you’re going to have to solve this problem if you truly want to live your life to its fullest.

If you’re seriously set on overcoming your fears, then nothing will be more beneficial and useful than the list of fear of flying apps that we have listed above. These six apps are extremely popular in their markets and for good reasons, as they have helped thousands of people to conquer their flying fears. Give them a try yourself!

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Vincent Bird
Vincent Bird
5 years ago

Great Article! An amazing writing did by you. I read your article. You explain your topic nicely. When the reader read your article, they will stay here for more time. This post really helpful and useful. It’s a great post for the traveler, those who want to travel by airline. Finally, I would like to thanks to you for an awesome post.

4 years ago

Hi guys, I was afraid of flying and was treated by my therapist. She was using Virtual Reality and had an application from C2Care where she could control turbulence and weather.
Maybe this app is just for professionals but it for sure helped me.